Category: holiday




❤ Holiday Girl ❤

It's never to late/early for a holiday skin, credits to owner!

Ghost Costume

Put this over your normal skin to use!

Gangster Clothes


Black vs Yellow PvP Clothes


Red Hoodie and Dark Blue Pants


Black Hoodie and Gray Pants


Gray Hoodie and Black Pants


Yellow Cactus

Reindeer Sweater

Holiday girl

A holiday skin just for you made for the winter weather plz download and like my skin

Christmas Girl

This girl is ready for Christmas! She has a scarf, a santa hat, a belt, a nice sweater, and some rea...

New year New Me

Hello, I know its late but my new years resolution is to not use bases that often so i can get bette...


Winter Tiem

credits to bases, also i forgot to say in my last two post that i changed the eye color b/c i wanted...

Kroptos posey l'été

j'aime les trains

Simple girl

A simple and natural girl for you


A simple girl ^^


The perfect costume for Halloween or any old costume party.


my first skin

Skelly Costume


Drimo's Clothes (Shaded)


Christmas Fun

Harvest Fun

Fall is here time to get ready for Thanksgiving!! The perfect outfit for Thanksgiving.

4th of July Fun

Whether your chilling at home or with friends this outfit is perfect for the 4th of July.

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