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150th skin!!!

thank YOU for YOUR support!!!


Javier Peligro

A skin of myself in real life

weird tux

my laziness led me to this... this "THING"

Chimmy 2.0

Chimmy BT21

inside of steve

a skeleton with some things removed and added

Zombie Construction Worker

Zombie Construction Worker

Swimsuit 2

Withered Foxy (kalafiorek)

Withered Chica (kalafiorek)

dispikable gaming

Red Shirt

Design is someone elses, I recolored it and cut the sleeves off. Credit to the original skin's...

Chica the Chicken (kalafiorek)

Withered Bonnie (kalafiorek)

Withered Freddy Fazbear (kalafiorek)

Withered Golden Freddy (kalafiorek)

my little panda


Diamond derp




Derpy Noob, face and nappy.

Dis guy... Dis Guy is EWW lmao. He pooped himself and then wet himself. Obviously slept with a dande...



Hi yes this is Chris

This is deadass how I look. Please don't use this sdfghj


Credits wanted, but never needed!

Mars Outfit

Credits wanted, but never needed!

red unspeakable

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