Category: villains


Personal Use


revamp of old onw


Daughter of the shadow lord

Long plaid hoodie boy By Varpomus

this is just long plaid hoodie boy

Its me!!! by Varpomus

yes this is how i look in real life.


Vampire Girl 1

Be careful around this girl....She a vampire!

wojownik labiryntu


Murder Ninja

This is a murder

Copied Fire Assassin and converted by me

This assassin is a Villian

omega (full)


masked man

Masked Man

mad by a color blind person


Darkness Evil lost souls you name it


zuckerberg is reptilian

Galaxy Chara

Sibor (undercover and undead)

he's back after those 5 years.

Sibor (undercover and dying)

Sibor used that suit for years and when too much soul energy was put into it and water was dripping...

Sibor (undercover and alive)

My enemy Sibor undercover in his scrapped suit

Davy Jones

(only a reupload, credit to skyrimciaer, You know his story)

Farmer Boy

Blood Stained Clothed Alchemist


Bloddy YammyXOX

Junko Enoshima

Her hair is a little too pink but that can easily be changed so hereee ya go.


Translation: Redo. [I] got lucky and given a Gawing Muli at life.


An old freind of Purple, he died after she fed him to Lusca, he is now back for revenge


for my best friend

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