Category: villains


brak kaptura

evil nadhwif


nadhwif gost

moi en fantome


Mainly for an rp, but this might be my main skin for now


the goldn

Parallel Universe Razor

This is Razor as a villain in another universe... I might make myself a hero... I better put that on...

man with a mask

Do not copy!



back from the dead theis undead mob must be killed

herobrine is fat


Shade Icewind (ARMORED)

My boyfriend originally made the armor for an older version of Shade so i just added it onto the new...

Lego Joker (w/o coat)

joker from the lego batman movie, originally made. one of my all time favs. i haven't made skin...

evil roblox noob

my 2nd skin

Hegore Black (SSG Absorbed Evil)

Edit of the last. Forgot the spiky hair.


WIP Twitch skin

Plastic Herobrine

real bendy

well it is weird of the head .

Anadil as a dragon

If you read "School for Good and Evil" you know who I am talking about.

Golden girl

cyclope malade

voici un truc bien dégeulasse


herobrine 354354



Scarecrow Injustice 2

Hoffart (Pride)

The sin of pride herself. Sacrificing even her own body just to become something more powerful than...

Evil Steve

Credits to owners.

Keefe (Lust)

The sin of lust. Desiring life's many pleasures and always makes the best impressions whenever...

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