Parts: base

just out of bed




Son Of Jiminai & Zanard

Zephrine [ Base ]

Fixed & She Has A Name Now! | Daughter Of Jiminai & Zanard / Twin Of Zayron :3

Tori Base

This is the base for my OC, Tori, for me to use later. Credit to the people who made the hair and sk...


Suit base

??? [ Base ]


Rogeon [ Base ]

New Rogeon (Talliah) Base! .w. | Please, DON'T Use!


Changed gem to chest from shoulder. :|

Blyx [ Base ] [ Main ]

I Felt Bad For Using A Hair Base When They Said Not To.. Sorry! ;w; | This Will Be My New Main Skin...

Hair Base

Minecraft Skin White Pale Base


Rose Quartz

My newest Gemsona! (They keep comin... Credits!)

Ashlyn [ Base ] [ Fixed ]

Ashlyn [ Base ]

New Ashlyn Base! <3 | Daughter Of Aphmau & Aaron~ | Please, DON'T Use.


(Roman's Older Son dat acts like Zane Alot)

Wilhelmine skin base

Skin de base de mon personnage Wilhelmine contenant cheveux et visage. Contient des skins de d'...

Ami [ Base ]

I Didn't Make The Hair, Credit Goes To The Creator! | Andrea & Dylan/Aaron's Daughter...

Demon? [ Base ]

I Got Bored x3 | I Didn't Make The Hair, Credit Goes To the Creator! | I'll Get Her A Name...

Emma [ ML ] [ Base ]

New Emma Base! -3-


derp face under head

Freezer(Dragon Ball Z)

Base Hair

Base Hair With Red Eyes

Base Girl

Base Girl

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