Parts: face

Skin #3

Gemini Hair

Black & white hair (Original)

Green Eyes and Lips

If you use this, please be sure to credit me!

Blue Eyes and Lips

If you use these eyes, please be sure to credit me!



Hair for my very picky brother...


-= My Collection: Medium Gold Hair =-

Hey, It's Llqma. Extreme boredom made me create fully shaded in, original golden hair from scra...

My friends head

purple hair

credit to real creator i just recolored it

Black hair update

Blue Cupcake





Star Platinum right fist

Star Platinum left fist

The World left fist

The World right fist

Hyper noob's face

AmAzInG FaCe

Blondy Hair

Superman's hair

TV Head

Fun Fact: The static shown on TVs is caused by the photons from the Big Bang.

Bunny Ears and Tail!

Please credit me if use, i swear i dont have a furry fetish :3

Chariot Requiem (head)

Ender Transporter Containment Unit 0.1


credit to da owner

Super Multi-noob

A noob on each face! How noob-ifying! The problem is, you probably won't know which face you�...

La Piñata skin

La piñataa, La piñataaa, FIESTA!!!!

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