Parts: face


Ready-to-cut hair base.

Aphmau's Hair/Face



not mine

AuWiMo Head (Fixed)

Pink hair

No Taking. Thank You.

Brown hair

Credit to creator

Cat Mask!

~Red/Black Hair~

~-=Keeners4 Original=-~

Cri-ing gurl x3

hehe! :3 small edit of a diff skin

~Blonde to pink ombre~

Credit me if you use please! :)

blond hair

Game controller head

A head possibly for a thingy

Rainbow Kupa!

This is Rainbow Kupa!!!

Hair Harmonie

Xhargo's Mask

The mask that defines this soul


brown hair

feel free to use or edit! give me credit though :D <3

Aqua_Lover Hair

Aqua_Lover's Hair

Sylvia's Snowy Hair

Thought I'd make a separate part for this.

GatorKingSun Almost Full Skin

Short Reddish-Brown Hair

Feel free to recolour this if you need.

Colour Change

I like this colour!!

Fixed Hair

My first time....


MOB Hair


First time making hair!

GatorKingSun's Face and Mask


GatorKingSun head v2

GatorHead Family

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