Parts: face

Sha kwe kwe


my hair

Xisuma's Head

The head of Xisuma

My Original Hair :3

Give Credit If Use ~ Mine but on a different account :3

Boy Version Of My Hair ~

Give Credits if Use :3

Fixed eyes +headphones

not mine

Cookies Hair & Eyes


Hello my 2 oc i love it dres up ;33

Of Custom

Idk -0-0-

Cotton Candy Hair Base ♥

That's just blue

it's blue alright ? good.

Tender #2

Tender 2


my hair is tender

Thunder hair


Yellow hair

my hair in Yellow


Reverse strange hair


My hair, is strange...

Acid hair

My hair is... acid.

Blue #3

My hair in blue 'number 3)


My hair in savana color

Red #2

My hair in red (number 2)

Blue #2

My hair in blue (number 2)

Purple hair #2

Ma hair in purple (number 2)

Purple hair #1

My hair in purple (number 1)

Green hair #3

My hair in green (number 3)

Green hair #2

My hair in green (number 2)

Red hair

My hair in red

Pink hair

My hair in pink.

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