Parts: face


Hair base #3 {Red}

Give credit if you use please!

Coral Hair-base

credit if use please

Frisk Hair & Eyes

☆My Hair☆

☆Credit to the owners, And credit if used☆




Hair base ombre

Credit me if you use ^^

Blond Hair

Credits to owners


~Brown Hair~

All by me. Credit me plz.

~Brown Hair Base~

All by me. Credit me plz.

Hair base

My Hair

Made by PhoenixFire, I take no credit!

Carolina Head(short hair)

Nyotalia America outfit

Nyotalia Americas outfit.

My hair

My hair, PLZ credit

Brown hair

No Taking. Thank You.


Credits to owner

Hair Layout

Please give credit.

Flowers In Her Hair

Her Eyes, Her Eyes

Purple Bob (Basically My Hair Now)

Plz give credit if you use thx :3

just my main skin

you can use it if you have black hair and so


YOYEEHH Check Youtube Gua=

infected head


Fire Hair

Credits to original Owner. Credit if you use this.


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