Aphmau's MCD Series she is the boss of the theif's guild




Girl DanTDM

Melissa PDH

Lexi (My Older Cousin)

credits to owners

Joury Of Mine

Credits to owners

Joury Of Mine

Credits To Owners

Joury Of Mine

Credits To Owners

Joury Of Mine

Credits To Owners

Joury Of Mine

ill make my own skin series called Joury Of Mine And Aswell A Series called Fancy it is alot of pre...


My New MC skin series ill be making all the name of the series is fancy and crazy Made by my own...


i will have 4 days too post until paris if i go i might be able to post more~


Me Paris

i may or may not be uploading in a long time im going to paris :)

Cute Girl


Lucinda's Dress

Credits to aphmau i just took it off the skin its from MCD season 2

Kai's Sister (Dressed As A theif)

Aphmau Starlight

All Credits to aphmau

Kai's Sister (Wedding)


So im watching MCD Season 2 episode 20 and she gets forced to marry fenir the werewo-werewolf princ...

Kai's Sister (Gaurd)

Kai's Sister (Fancy)

Kai's Sister's Hair

yes i did edit kai's hair credits to person and aphmau for kai's hair

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