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Should i make a YT Account?

ive been debating on this for a long time

My Base

Random Girl


Fancy dress

its not mine i just slightly edited it

Purdy Hair & eyes

Credit to Dogez for hair





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Probs my new skin lel



this is my favorite texture o3o


Schools Out 4 me!!!

i wont be on for a bit becus im going camping with some of my friends for like 2 weeks so il post as...

Still Unfinished

this is taking foreverrrr

Chicken Strip


Baby Blue Armour


Gamer Girl

idek [Creds To mine...


link to my account in comments. [NOT FOR REPOST OR USE]

Rainbow Tiger Onsie

Unfinshed Skeleton




Flourite [Steven Universe Oc]

Name: Flourite Gem: On Chest Weapon: Bow and arrow and vines on her arm and leg....

Amber [Steven Universe Oc]

Name: Amber Gem: On Chest Weapon: her boots have retractable spikes and a battle axe [im m...

Aquamarine [Steven Universe Oc]

Name: Aquamarine Gem: on her chest Weapon: a double s...

Gamer Headphones


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