Me Irl

ive been working on this for so long credit to Silver For the shorts [Not for r...

Purple Hoodie

its 2:45 Am for me right now lel

Balloon Boy - Fnaf2

Unfinished Purple Hoddie


Purple With Magenta Fade

i might use this hair for a future skin

Steampunk outfit


because i can


'Trying to make Pole-Bear's Human Toy Bonnie

Turtle Shell Sign

I Made a Mistake with my other account [ImmortalTurtles]

Friendship Amulet



New and Improved c:

Steampunk Girl Outfit

Enjoy! [I will probally make m...

Steampunk Girl


Still Unfinished .-.

i have another idea for this skin

Bloody Hoodie

its not mine, i just like it alot. [i added a derp face so you can see where te front is and because...

Chibi Girl

i might use this as my main skin


Im using this sign way to much lol

~News!~ [Pt4]

it was a kid in my class, who kept picking on my me and my friends, but luckily one of my friends wa...

~News!~ [Pt3]

but the next day at school my other friend told me that he knew who was hacking my account,

~News!~ [Pt2]

my friend was able to hack in my account and i kept on trying to upload skins, luckily, it did work...

~News!~ [Pt 1]

okay so i actually didnt die of ebola, Someone hacked my account and pretended to be my sister...

Garnet From Steven Universe


to whoever made this; I Love this skin soooo much and its soo cute =3 i dont know who made it but i...


Skin For Icey7456

If you dont like this one il make you another one comment down below what you think or what you woul...

Human Toy Bonnie


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