Lebron James

A skin made from scratch for Axou23. It's Lebron James, can remove parts of the skin for summer...

Yanis Summer

Not mine, edited and mixed lots of parts

Yanis 48 Summer

Not mine, just edited, can change outfit in customisation menu

Kouki Christmas Ver


Stark blue originak

base 3

base 2


Mr_Dragibuss upgraded ver

Not mine, just an edit of mr_dragibuss skin

Remilia Scarlet in a Dragon Suit

For Alex 3 pixels arms - A mix of lot of skin to recreate Remilia Scarlet from a gif. Everything isn...

Spinogl in orange shade

For the lulz

Fluub in summer outfit

For the lullz

Spinogl in penguin suit

Just for the lulz

Bledard skin for summer time

Let the sun shine

keusx being carried by swiftybob

for the lulz

Godlchass being carreidn by deenou

for the lulz

Fluub being carried by bluearky

For the lulz

Hinayuri black medieval 3px

Hinayuri in a blac/medieval dress for alex 3 pixels arms

Bluearky Double Skin

Mix of summer + normal verison of bluarky's skin (use skin option ingmae to switch)

Bluearky Swimvines 2

Modification of modification of bluearky skin for summer time

Bluearky Swimstyle Vines

Modificaiton of bluearky skin with vines

Bluearky swimstyle

Modification of bluearky skin in preparation for summer days

Spinogl pedobear

Modificaiton of spinogl skin


Modification of spinogl skin to pedobear

Miss Vikitkat 3px v2

Version 2 of miss vikitkat skin for alex 3 px arms

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