golden soldier

zombie edelisk

zombie mage

cold element ghost

water, wind, cold, air, space, snow, hail, ice, lightning, clouds, fog, sleet, weather, thunder, rai...

a ghost

chained entity of the elements

cool ice

possessed guy

A person who's soul was possessed by the abyss mage and now obeys his will.

possessed soul

A person who's soul was possessed by the abyss mage and now obeys his will.

abyss mage and possessor

A magical entity that uses its powers to create stuff to aid the abyss cause and I capable of cheati...

abyss wolf beast

shape shifting abyss businessman

A creative dark entity that works for the abyss and lives among the humans, he gathers information a...

Stone abyss minion

a minion of the abyss scientist, this creature possesses its extreme strength and durability as well...

Abyssal relentless ghostly hunter killer

a ghost from the abyss, a disembodied soul that is hard to kill and has ghostly powers like teleport...

advanced abyss star hunter killer

Abyss spy spider minion

spy teleporting flying spider minion, the scout of the abyss army, this one specializes in stealth a...

bulked minion

the literal strength of the abyss army

calm advanced abyss minion

just like the original abyss minion, but more intelligent, creative, and experienced.

abyss minion

a servent and soldier to the abyss cause


A doctor, scientist, and genius of the abyss kind, he uses his super power of logic to make rational...

abyss general sounchie

A commander in charge of all abyss forces and has a high capability in strategy and practicality.


anti abyss/ heavens door

a being that helped create the light knight to destroy the abyss and its plans of destruction.


stick guy

pencil robot

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