okoo the epic



tormented cycle of the 4 paths

static red

the matrix of reality glitched and people now look messed up.

ring head

It has 3 rings that are on its head which it can telekinetically use to attack and trap stuff.

preserver of cheese

It is an alien being that turns its victims into a liquid that dries into a cheese look, it preserve...


pocket smile

with the weirdest smile, it has 6 large pockets that is uses to carry its favorite collection of roc...

the ultimate eye burner

eye burning Armour (modified)

greensuit bluestache destroyer

he was once the greatest loser in all of pvp mine craft, but then after researching how to hack, he...

silver maroon

electri wando



A galaxy that consists of semi-solids and dark matter. Nothing else, but it is separated into two ha...

dne eht ta seno eht era ew

dne eht ta eno eht ma I

cross vision

blue side

light armor

the suit

chigon don

he suffered from a disease that made his body's muscular system shut down, so he transferred hi...


the purple energy mage of the dark

a cursed man that was banished into a dark realm for his rebellion and merely questioning of his sup...

star gladiator of liquid methane

was born out of a small piece of a dying star and was mixed with energy and liquid methane from Satu...

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