Baruch Helmet

Don't use on LOTC


don't use on lotc


Don't use on lotc

Baruch Levy (Greyguard)

Don't use on lotc unless given permission.


Don't use on lotc

Beric Dondarrion

Sergius old

Robb Karstad

Don't use on Lotc

Robb Karstad

Calwadr Warband Skin 2

Sven "Bold" Calwadr's warband skin just chain-mail.

Calwadr Warband Warrior

A Bradach (Welsh) Warrior skin for Sven "Bold" Calwadr's Warband. Only for LOTC DON&#...


Siguine "The Wild" Barrow

A Bastard of House Barbanov, the Wild Crow of House Barrow/Barbanov (Don't use on Lotc)




Soldier COol

Bjorn the Strung

Don't use lotc


Don't use on lotc

Marbrand Levy

For Marbrand House Levy - Don't use on LOTC

Barrow Bas

For IwishIwasyou

Rickard Kristoff Stafyr

Don't use on LOTC

Grimwold Stafyr

For O_Xone

Jacobus Altee 'The Orc Slayer'

For Dogged

Grimwold Stafyr

For O-Xone

The Mighty Akuzai

Anglo-Saxon Viking (For Akuzai)

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