hair base

brown soft hair for your character. credit me if you want

click it to see

White gambeson

Gambeson to wear underneath your armor.

Chain Mail Noob Soldier

Noob equipped with chain mail and a nasal helm to slay the pros.

Arming Doublet

The best Arming Doublet to wear under your Minecraft armor. With a mail coif, mail armpits, no swor...

Archer Noob

fixed no more mistakes

Gambeson Suit

Wear this gambeson below your armor to protect you against shock.

Bronze Noob Helmet

Protect Your Head With This Superiorly Forged Bronze Helmet!

Foot Noob Amry Soldier

Destroy the pros with your troop of foot noob soldiers. full with bronze lamellar, bronze helmet, a...

Pajama noob

No mistakes this time, please give credit if edit.

Northern hairy-nosed wombat


Yeti that just took a bath

A brighter and cleaner Yeti.

Orange Noob!

A Orange Noob! #Noob, #Smiley face, #Orange, # Nub

Northern hairy-nosed wombat

very bad :l weren't enough pictures to see as reference. These poor creatures are critically en...

Asiatic Bear remake

Southern hairy-nosed wombat

Southern hairy-nosed wombats are one of the three species of wombats. As you can guess, they live in...

Nub dressed up in yeti costume

αwww! So cute!

Skin Bαse

Skin Base

Yeti Costume



Farting Yeti (with Drool) Remake

Farting Yeti Remake

Apple Noob wearing a christmas beanie

Credit to KingDerp11 for the apple T-Shirt, credit to KingDerp11 for the christmas beanie, credit to...

Better Skin Base

Credit me if you use or else me spank you! >:D

Spectacled Bear

Also known as the Andean bear, this is the only bear species living in South America. They would usu...

Asiatic Black Bear

Also called Asian black bear, Himalayan black bear, Tibetan bear, and moon bear. These bears live in...

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