Blue Lego pants

Issac the Business Man v4

all colors fixed! might be making another version. This skin is based off of one of my LEGO minifigu...

Lego Pants v2

just the right color!

Lego Pants

brown pants. need this to change the color!

Backpack not mine

just had to erase the weird slime blob on the top...

Noob with fish in a furry jacket

just lowered the face down 😐

Issac the Business Man v3

Wow! Real Lego! many changes from v2. Will be making another version :D

Adventure Banana Noob!

Its Banana Noob, but he's out for an adventure! #banana, yellow, smileyface, nub, noob, mittens...

Issac The Business Man! V2

Based off of one of my lego minifigures. much better than that ugly junk v1...

Monster :O


Monster Costume

Cool if you heart. I spent a couple hours making this. Hope you like it! put it on yourself for Hall...


(Credit to Capace for the cloak) KingN0ob the 3rd was the most courageous adventurer of all time! He...

Dino Costume V2

Dino Costume V1


Not mine! don't click the heart! I just want to save this.

Noob with fish in a furry shirt!

Credit to catqueue for the jeans. This noob likes to play with fish and pet cats.

Shiny Hair

Shiny hair!


click it!

Pumpkin Noob!

I used a cool jacket made by Box Boy. This pumpkin noob is dressed up in autumn clothes, a pumpkin h...

Shiny Pink Pig!

Credit to SkinsMC (very cool person!) for making the original.

Box Boy's Interesting Jacket

Just to save this really cool Jacket made by Box Boy!

Noob head in a pumpkin

a noob in a pumpkin! just the head!

Dino Noob v4

Dino Noob series complete!

Dino Noob v3

Carnivore Dino! Cute Noob dressed up as a dino! # cute green teeth shell tail nub costume pajama paj...

Dino Noob v2

herbivore dino but with more shading! # super cute, shell, green, tail, teeth, noob, nub

Dino Noob v1

herbivore dino! green teeth shell dinosaur noob nub cute pajama costume uniform

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