corset wip

aegen wip

wip coat 3

wip coat 2

wip coat

Tedarus (Silnhaven)

Sarsyte Wip

Tedarus (Weathered)

Aegen, Hydra Breeder

Alignment: Lawful Evil. Color Pie: Green Blue Black(Sultai). "My colleagues didn't underst...


Aegen wip 2

Aegen wip

spidergwen wip

Stevelrim of the Crossbow

Stevelrim of the Crossbow

A man with renowned proficiency in crossbows and ballista. A D&D Character.

Stevelrim wip 2

Torso Shade


Stevelrim 1


Nolva wip 2

Nolva wip


Fatima wip

fatima wip 3

fatima wip 2

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