dont use pls (edit)

New Skin! (please dont use)

Bubblegum Shade Axolotl!

(this took so long to edit the colors right please enjoy)



Updated Bee (again)

Overworld Piglin

A young piglin who was not zombiefied by the overworld!

Hermit Tommy Design

More for a personal thing, ignore this


Went a bit off model for this one, but here's an axolotl for all you .17 lovers out there!


From Undertale! Had some help with the sweater :D


I missed a few details, theyre fixed now!


Full Spider man suit with removable mask for all your avenger needs!


Wereender Skin!

Just experimenting at this point, don't mind me! I really like how this one came out though :D

Endieboy Skin!

I'm just making these for fun at this point lmao (The lily wreath was very fun to make!)

Right side up!

Accidentally made the previous one backwards my bad

Red Panda

Decided to bring my fursona to minecraft! I love how it came out :D

Winter Bee Updated

Alt Skin

I love pigs, so I'm trying out a pig-centered skin!!

Autumn Bee

Fall is upon us! That means cozy jumpers!! :D

Update Friend Gift

Missed some details! I fixed it ;v;

Reporter Bee

Extra Extra! This skin is for my press business, complete with a press pass and a reporter trenchcoa...

Beevil Doppelganger

Lots of crafters have evil counterparts so I gave my run at it >:) They're wearing high wais...

Bumblebee Remastered

Changed my skin up a bit!

Demolition Bee

I use TNT like nobody's business, so I decided to look the part!!

Fancy Bee

In the case of a fancy dinner party/spy mission, I've come prepared!

Cowboy Bee

There's only room for one sheriff in these parts...and it should not be me. But here we are any...

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