Red Phantom

The human Phantom that will kill he enemys with es in one secont.

Ninja Spartan

The spartan that took a jod as a asasin

Steampunk assassin

saaya outfit v2

OmerER Coin

Fixed Kaneki King Black Reaper


Fixed Mask Black Reaper

kriver2500 dark

OUAAAAAAAAAH C'EST BEAU LE DAAAAARK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saaya New outfit v1

5-Minute Skin || Boy with Dyed Hair

uHhHH not much to this?? I forgot who made the original hair piece I'm sorry;; feel free to use...



Masked King Black Reaper



Ninja Gear

Black Reaper Kaneki Unmasked Dragon

Funtime cheetah human opposite

It's a fnaf creation by funtime_cheetah.


5-Minute Skin || Girl with Overalls

These can be fun when working against the clock, but they're never truly your own or super deta...


Black Reaper Masked


i made it

goon 2


Shirt || Seawater Green Leather Jacket

Feel free to use this I guess?? It's also one of my favorite outfits that I have downloaded so

Maid Cafe Skin Me

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