Category: scifi

Inventor w. Infected arm

Chap with infected arm and a "monocle" -ish thingy

Inventor w. RoboArm

British chap with robotarm and big mustach

C3PO red eyes




totem master

he has all totems form the series legends of tomorow (totem of death , totem of soul ,fire ,earth ,...

ufo ninja white v2

ufo ninja white v1

ufo ninja





poe dameron

Kylo ren


ep 9

Obi wan kenobi

qui gon jin robe outfit

qui gon jin

green knight

brauner anzug, grüne Rüstung

spy wolfix

Stumpy as a Jedi

It's me going to galactic war

Human Garbage

Old human skin.

H.E.A. (Hazardus Enviroment Android)

Agent TAEK

Private Alex

Scarred Soldier

Prince Robot IV

From Saga

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