Popular Skins From this Month

Faded Blue Hair

just faded blue hair ._.

Girl in a hoodie

This is my best skin yet x3

Pretty hair

Magenta/pink/purple/kinda dark blue/ hair :3


Credit to the creator I LOVE this. It's like my new favourite skin on miners need cool shoes. I...

Blue Roses

No skin overlay. :3

Green Faded Hair

green and blue hair

more hair

this kinda looks the same as my OTHER blue faded hair but if you ever re-post any of my stuff please...

Creeper boy

Love it

Credit to original designer. Just changed a few things

Base with hair

Dont ask why its terrible or why there is no hair on the back..(worst skin yet)

Ripped Jeens Shoulderless shirt

Blue faded hair - ripped jeens - white shoes - pink eyes....when I said my other skin was my best on...


I posted this forgetting to credit the person who made the hair, so I give full credit to that perso...

adidas pastel

(credit to creator of original creator) same skin, just changed from creeper to adidas


allways be ur self unless u can be a unicorn, THEN BE A UNICORN!!!

Thank You <3

(hair not mine) lately iv'e been feeling down with my skins, and iv'e always wanted one of...

Casual Girl

sorry, this is a remake of one i made earlier, because I forgot to put a shirt lol

Basic Open Flannel

if you use it, please give credit. thanks!

For XxEllieLifexX

I re-posted one of ellies skins because I loved it and I said its an inspiration. When I said I wou...

hair and eyes base

blue made by me


cool skin

I dont even know

I give credit to the person who made the hair but the rest was by me ;3

aDiDaZ gUrL

just...got my favourite skin (my own) and made it adidas..i actually kinda love it x3


покемон Пикачу

Faded Pink Hair

Just Faded Pink Hair ._.

Adorbs Hair



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