Parts: base

Pink Maid Dress


me base

tout nu 2

Amicia base

I was tired of re-frankensteining her skin together so a base, aha.

gold reality base

ghost korv base

black base

unhinged ghost korv base

white base

white base


To be used later

improved fox base 2

fixed the feet and hands

Skin base: tone 2

Just a random skin base I made for my new skin (go check it out my username: WJG01 :) )

Skin base: tone 1

Just a random skin base I made for my new skin (check it out my username is WJG01 :) )

Varinr Base

improved fox base

made the snout more noticeable

fox base

not an exact version of the official fox texture but as close as I could get.

dark skin

skin base

The_Mapster Base

New kat base




dont use




death of life

a nucler momy

Base Skin

My new base skin

Credit to myself! Check me out on Planetminecraft! (Username StealthyKnight)

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