Parts: costume

Only Diamond Armor 2nd Layer

White top with red skirt


Sexy jurk

Outfit, or something

Just a buncha clothes that I mashed up. Credit to all the people who made these parts, not mine. Ha...

Clerical Cloak

A bordeaux, gold-bordered cloak, with a long back and a high neck to hide the mouth.





Hopperhawk Jacket

A leather jacket worn by world-hopping archaeologists.

Hopperhawk Jacket

A leather jacket worn by a group of worldhopping archaeologists who visit long-abandoned realms to f...



this skin was made from others

Okagami owns none of the things in here

Okagami does not own any parts

i made this for a skin

Zwart jurkje


i forgot the inside of the legs...

Ash Gen 1 Out Fit

Armor layer from my Skin

Mage Robes

Armor layer only I removed the skin layer just add to your skin and start throwing fireballs

ESA Uniform

For Elemental Shards Academy!

piglin clothes

no need for credit :>

Autumn Outfit(1)

Feel free to Edit, Use, or Recreate. But if so, PLEASE credit me. UwU

Princess Dress

Cto. I removed the skin and hair


Feel free to Edit, Use, or Recreate. But if so, PLEASE Credit Me. UwU

[SSIS] Uniform with Open Collar + Skirt

Same uniform as the others, but with an open collar.

Groene jurk

the struggle between good and evil

this is from my ender man :)

Kira193 (Costume de Paladin)

Kira193 avec le costume de Paladin !

gokus Gi

want to look like goku there you go

Blauw=Rood Jurkje

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