Parts: face

Purple Braid

Blonde Long Hair boy

Blonde with braid Base


Platinum White hair

Blonde-Brown fade w/ purple & blue

That title is too long. This is the MC version of my IRL hair. The colored half didn't translat...

Dark Brown Hair Base



Removed the face :)

♡Hope you enjoy ♡

Not Mine removed the face though

♡Hope you enjoy ♡ This isn't mine but i removed the face and body from it.

grey/brown hair

♡Hope you enjoy ♡ This is not mine i just removed the face

Pale Blue eyes

♡Hope you enjoy ♡

Hair, Brown

This isn't mine but i took the clothes and skin out of it so its jut the hair :)



korvud vantas hair & eyes (reup)

korvud vantas hair & eyes

Bionic Eye

Shiny Hair

Shiny hair!

Kakyoin Hair

idk what to put here it's just his hair ORIGINAL:...

Part 6 DIO Hair

DIO is so different near Pucci he changes his hair style for him too. Original: https://...

Noob head in a pumpkin

a noob in a pumpkin! just the head!



Ermes Hair

Ermes Costello's hair from Jojo part 6 and I've heard she had a brief appearance in part 8...

hair n face :-)


Bruno Bucciarati Hair

I am once again asking you to look at the original skin:


lol it has curtain bangs

Good Devil Hair


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