Parts: face

not done yer

not done yet

Mandy hair 2


mandy hair


Purple hair w/ a ponytail

Feel free to, Use, Change, and Edit. But, CREDIT ME :3

something (not ended)

i haven't even started it

Hair and eays

Hair and eays

~Aphmau~My Way~

~Hooman~ ( not really) ~ Amber Eyes ~ Dark purple-ish gray hair~ W/ Light Purple dye ~ With a Flower...


Aphmau Oc~ Hair Base~ Werewolf~ Ultima~ Wolf ears forgot tail~ -from xCottonCandy_


Brown Hair +Mossy Eyes

Brown Hair w/ Blond Streak +Mossy Eyes

Cute hair w space buns

Cute pink hair w buns on the back

weird watermellonawew hair

egwewetjknwjet i made but used colors from a weird oneskie

Santa's Elf Head

Santa's worker

laura's eyes


laura's hair

PLEASE PLEASE CREDIT ME, how did i make this hair? well i used a refrence to help me make this hair,...

red hair base

cat hair

feel free to use just give credit ;)



Just a save

Its really hard for me to find a good hair base, and you could get a lot of colors from black so.. c...

Medium brown hair

Brown Haired Girl w/ a Long Ponytail

Feel free to, Use, Change, and Edit. But, Credit Me :)

galaxy hair

credit me :3



Amy's Hair {Not Done}

credit me if used

SkeleBeard V2

The fixed version.

Emo Hair

I just took Zane's hair and edited everything but the hair out

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