Parts: face

True Basic hair

Red Boy Head

Gem Hair Base

Burgundy Hair w/ Hazel Eyes

Burgundy Hair w/ Hazel eyes

Blond Hair


Head Style #1

Eve 'Angel' Kalon { Black/Gray Hair } + { Indigo Eyes } + { Fair Skin } + { Mostly wears l...



I'm now trying to make skins myself! With no parts from other people.


Creeper Head



monkey head

monkey see

Pirate Character hair

Hair and face

old thing II

Another old skin of a dude with a face mask, this time with brown hair

old thing

An old skin for a dude with a face mask idk

WoF Winter (OLD)

An old skin for a Wings of Fire character, Winter. He's got a fancy checkered scarf weow

WOF Zephyr (old)

An old face/hair thing for a Wings of Fire character my friend and I made. He is Princess Copper (pr...

WOF Princess Copper (old)

An old head and hair base for a Wings of Fire character my friend and i made. Crown recolor credit t...

amethyst hair fix

HAIR fix

Violet Hair Girl

Long violet-pink hair

steve steve

im going to wear this for april fools day

Kyrss > FIXED > brown hair


amethyst face and hair

brown eyes 1

not how i usually do eyes, but whatever.


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