Parts: shirt


striped shirt

I don't know how to make three pixel shoulder blouses (I don't know if I wrote correctly)

Mushroom Sweater

orange mushroom shirt

Pink Pastel Long hoodie

Pastel Blue hoodie

Van Gogh Sweater

(alex) pls credit if used :)

Club Sunday

Not my design. Found on skindex

Black Stripe Sweater

Modified Sweater Stripes

Edit of post from my old account!

Van Gogh Sweater :)

Please credit if used. Thank you!!

arm band

i like fgo, okay?

Blue axolotl hoodie

blue axolotl hoodie (2nd layer only) all color axolotl hoodies availible now!

Brown axolotl hoodie

brown axolotl hoodie (2nd layer only) comes in other colored axolotls too!

Gold axolotl hoodie

gold axolotl hoodie (2nd layer only) other color axolotl hoodies availible too!

pink axolotl hoodie

pink axolotl hoodie (2nd layer only) comes in other color axolotls too!

white/cyan axolotl hoodie

blue hoodie with white/cyan axolotl on it, this a 2nd layer only skin

Cloak: Program Wave Hoodie

This was a harder one to make since I don't have mine yet, but here based off the website, is a...

Cloak: Aftermath Hoodie(fixed)

Accidentally left remnants of an old skin woops

Cloak Eire(ToL Hoodie)

Cloak Eire Drop's Tree of Life Hoodie in Azure

Cloak(Invisible Hearts Club Hoodie)

Another one of my hoodies put into pixels


froge sweater!!!

Green Sweater

Dream Hoodie

Cloak: P. Sprung UltraV Hoodie

Made my favorite Cloak Brand hoodie the best I could for my own skin, sharing it with the website fo...

diamond hoodie

grey flannel

to change color use filter settings

Bofa Vest

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