the colors... bright.... hhhhh

Green Splatoon outfit male

Annie (Splatoon)

(UPD8: I had to fix a couple of mistakes and improvise some) eh I've seen that no one has still...

Green Squid

Green Squid from Splatoon!!

Splatoon Girl

Da Splatoon Girl

Inkling ( Ink Tank )

(Splatoon) Inkling Girl....With Ink Tank!

Splatoon !

I dont know

Commander TarTar

The evil AI in Splatoon 2, Octo Expansion. Created from scratch! I don't own Splatoon 2

Inkling Costume

It's the male inkling from Splatoon, featuring the Splatttershot on it's back!

splatoon octo armor

splatoon octo goggles

splatoon marina hair+eyes

splatoon marinas outfit

splatoon agent 8 armor

splatoon pearl outfit

splatoon pearl hair

splatoon marina outfit noveau

splatoon agent 8 outfit noveau

splatoon marina normal noveau

splatoon pearl normal

splatoon callie outfit

splatoon marina oe

splatoon marina oe outfit headgear FIXED

there was a little bug its gone now

splatoon pearl octo expansion 2.0

splatoon pearl oe outfit

i will do marinas outfit next

splatoon pink easy stripe shirt

splash mob

splatoon cherry kicks noveau

there was a small mistake

splatoon octoling hair pink

i will try to do as many colors as possible

splatoon octoling hair light blue

splatoon octo hair purple

splatoon octo hair dark blue

splatoon octo hair orange

splatoon octo hair yellow

splatoon octo hair green

splatoon octo armor fixed

splatoon marina OE outfit

splatoon pearl octo expansion fixed

Silver Tentatek Vest

from splatoon 2

splatoon agent 8 ink tank

u can recolor

Inkling eyes.


inkling girl/orange hair

give credit if used

Inkling girl clothing

i'm using this for something (please give credit if used!)

Inkling Girl Hair

Now U can be a inkling

inkling hair

now u can be an inkling

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