Vev's Pacc

repost of my braid

Braided Brown Hair

Long Pink Braided hair

Pink #1

Outfit || Flowery Dress

I don't believe I made this?? The file date is from 2015 so I highly doubt I did. Feel free to...

Blue Off Shoulder Dress

Not Mine - Saving For Later

sandals 1

flower crown save


Purple Dress with Head Crown

black dress

Shirt || Oversized Tie-dye Hoodie

saw this hoodie on a skin and I really liked it?? so i just cut the hoodie out from the skin. Feel f...

Shirt || Galaxy Jacket

Feel free to use!!

Edited spider hoodie



Dark's Scarf

~Black Suspender Skirt~

Feel free to use this and don't forget to credit me! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧


Credit to: Hearding

Not my

I'm sorry isn't my !



-= Cute Black Crop top =-

So I wanted to be more like my old account, kate217, where I would get people's (credited) stuf...

I fix lots of skins so thats gr8

Zax's Overalls

Flower crown


Credit To Owner

Pants xD

Just a save (Socks fixed)

Plain Socks

Give credits if you use, don't claim as your own, and don't repost, thanks!


Edited <3

Flower Crown


Not my...

Sorry i save :,3

🆁𝓸ʂ𝕖 🆃𝓸ᵖ

* 𝑅𝑜𝓈𝑒𝓈 𝒜𝓇𝑒 𝑅𝑒𝒹 *...

not mine


Not my

I'm sorry isn't my !


Crop Top Extra

Just a Save

~Black Suspender Skirt~

Feel free to use this and don't forget to credit me! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Black Top

Idk, I think it looks quite cute




Cute Spring Outfit

Credits to original~

pink sweatshirt

Fancy Pants

Idc if you use it. you don't need to credit me :3 Have a great day

*FIXED* Crop top

I did not make the original skin, I only fixed the glitch where the arms had black on them.

just a save

Flower crown

Rose Outfit

not entirely made by me, just wanna save it tbh


cute outfit

credit to pinktheskinmaker for the shirt feel free to use

bathing suit

lotus overcoat edit <3

Denim Jacket with Pink Crop Top

Flower and Vine

First time sharing skin. Decided to just to a simple vine pattern. Hope you enjoy and credit if you...


Leg Flower Vine

mm credit 2 orignal i just want the leggi flower tyy

Pink Spring Flower Dress

i dont know to be honest, was hoping for it to come out better but oh well, give credits if you use...

Nature Outfit

Give credit if use!

Cherry Blossom Thing

~Wedding Dress~

rainbow outfit w/ galaxy socks


Laurel Wreath

Basic Leafy Roman Emperor Style Headband


Cute dress

Queen's Gown

Credit To Owner ~Removed weird mark on torso.


Outfit #17 - long autumn gown/dress, muted autumn flower crown, and dark mahogany high-heels. Credit...


obsessed with this dress <3


Veil to weding in minecraft


Cute Spring Outfit

Credits to original~

$%&-= Bikini =-&%$

$%&-= Bikini =-&%$

Purple fire

Red Hooded Coat



Saving/ Rainbow Boots

Plaid Jacket (around waist)

credit to me if use




Orange Jacket

splatoon full moon glasses

Cute Flowers!


trench coat


Ripped jeans with Adidas~

Tangled Christmas Lights W.I.P

Christmas Scarf

Candy Cane Jacket

Doesn't have to be candy canes, just something I had in mind. Credit if used!

Navy-Blue Glasses

Give credits if you use!

Blue Scarf


flower crown

save of rp mask\

Cute Outfit

enjoy<3 (NO REPOSTING) feel free to use commet what i should do next :)

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