Blood Pack


blood part

Eye blood

Use it...

The Bloody Teared Doll

oooooo... what a cool doll mommy! CTO, I didn't make the sweater or base or base of hair, I on...

Zombie blood owo

So many blööd bröthër



Working on a new skin.

Blood Splatter 4

Blood Splatter 3

Blood Splaters

Bloody Hoodie

Owner of hoodie base is XxBUNIOxX, Owner of Blood is Alexx_117. I can NOT be certain of owners.

Blood Herobrine

Herobrine wants blood.

Blood re upload

I realized I messed up my blood add on, so here it is. All better now. Design belongs to me, but any...


blood blood blood


Credit to da owner of da shirt

Clawed fur

A wolf or cat or whatever was clawed by a beast bigger and stronger then it. please use with caution...

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