my first pack

mean walrus with crystal polar bear

bile walrus from spirit animals with the crystal polar bear. rollan's like "WALRUS!!! WAL...


This is my best character in Terraria, having Beetle armor, Solar Eruption & Stardust Dragon Sta...

Adventurer with quiver

added quiver

my other skin


Mine Turtle

Hello! :D *BOOM* - Mine Turtle. The Mine Turtle is a mine that is a turtle and this is just...

fixed yharon

fixed missing a piece of that one strip lol XD


He says "Hello. Do yuo wish to fight me? Yes? Ok. I'm gonna have to warn ya i'm gonna...


Lame name, i know... He just LOVES cake, he bought a cake hoodie AND changed his name TO Cake.

Duck Player

Just a little edit to the original duck skin so credit to duck owner. Feel free to take this skin an...

The Destroyer

i like terraria, so i made the destroyer boss (who was pretty easy for me) as a male human warrior/r...

Blue Floran from Starbound

This is a blue floran from the game Starbound. I have also made a blue Novakid Deputy skin, which a...


NavaShark from JzBoy's Terraria Animations. I recommend watching his Stickmen Vs. Terraria Boss...


fix the skin was backwards >w< lol

Deputy Novakid from Starbound

Tried to make an NPC deputy novakid from starbound... I think it turned out pretty well.

Rainbow Dragon & Dark Dragon

rainbow and dark fusion boom dragon power

my skin

Eh take if you wanna i don't care.

Cake Guy

This guy loves cake. In fact, he even went to the coat store and bought his cake hoodie!


Steve's Younger Brother, Always happy, even when there is danger around to eat his brains- he a...

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