shopping list

just some items i wanted to try out for my new skin

Gold Wolf Ears And Tail

Silver Wolf Ears And Tail

Bronze Wolf Ears And Tail

Black Wolf Ears And Tail Base

Feel Free To Use This As Long As You Give Me Credit

Nano Gauntlet

Aesthetic Skin Base

Cute Aesthetic Skin Base! NOT MADE BY ME! Credit to original creator! Feel free to use it to make sk...

❎➕🆚CO BASE [Edition Hawaii]

Just a save

BIG tail base

For kriver2500

New Base for meeee!~<3

Now that Halloween is done I feel like changing up my skin anyways. The current hair I want to (and...

Purple poofy dress

i made this off of another of miner i posted like 8 min ago

Extremely poofy skirt for cosplay

i made this in like 5 mins so its not very good but i love it

flower crown (cream)

Black Cat ears + Tail

Feel free to Edit, Use, or Recreate. But if so, PLEASE credit me.UwU

A beret

I made this myself!


bunny ears

Flower Crown

I found this in an outfit a long with the overalls and socks and edited it to have some color

Orange and Yellow Flower Crown

This is an edit of: "Rainbow Crown" by Cxthy



Holiday Corner Wreath

Just a save, credit to the original creator(s).


-=Credit to owners, please dom't reuse=-

Twig Crown

~just a save~

bunny ears

Flower crown

(Credit me if you use)

○Black Crop Top○

I made this, so credit me if you use!


flannel plaid overcoat jacket

an edit

Yellow Sweatshirt w/ White Liner


just a save

just a save

pastel top

galaxy top

~🌸Pink Stripes🌸~

*~🌸As you lay down the pink stripes- you feel creative 🌸~* {:{ No Repost, Make sure you credit me if...

black halter

Halter-Crop top

red-maroon color and simple

White/Galaxy Halter Top


Mainly for girls

brown overalls

if you use them credit me in the desc :)

Green overalls

Original do not steal

Cute short shoes suede



Please credit me if you use


ripped jeans

a part of a skin I wa nt to make

purple pants

Pants || simplified shorts

not my greatest creation, but I like the simplistic vibe it gives off. Feel free to use!!


save; not mine

Red One Star Converses

Brown Boots

Just some shoes I want to save for later. Credit to the creator.


Overalls made from a skin i found, separated out to be used


Sakura's shoes

she loves these. (Credits to AlexisCat.)

Rose ripped denim



Blonde Simple Hair

Saving this hair

Monika Hair [DDLC]

Credit me if you use! Have an amazing day! -AlexisCat2612

my hair


by : luvility


school girl uniform

Kimono Grayscale Template

Just a template :3

starry dress

Cute Pink/purple red dress

White crop top and pants

This is so cute! Give credits to me if you're gonna use this, and I got this from a different s...

Sakura Outfit

Cherry blossoms! not mine just saving~

Blue Set with Cardigan

-Give credits to me if use- Credits to owners from Skindex, I just edited the outfit a bit

Overalls with flower crown

I got this from a diff website, so credits to owner, I just edited the skin and hair off :) Give cre...

Pink strawberry

A cute pink t-shirt C: Credits to owner, I just edited this, give credits to me if use!

Short dress over shirt

Give credits to me if you're gonna use this!! Credits to person who made this, I just edited

Plaid salmon dress *reupload*

-FIXED- give credits to me if you're gonna use this

Aesthetic rose outfit

I got this from a diff website, but I edited this skin ofc. Give credits please :)

Black plaid skirt with black shirt

Credits to Malika589 for the skin, sorry I haven't been uplouding, I've been on a hiatus,...

Overalls Edit

credit to original owners. Have fun and stay safe :)

yellow and black outfit


Nothing to see here!

Blacksmith Apron

This Is NOT A Part Of The Clothes, It's The Armor Part So You Can Wear This OVER Your Avatar Li...

shoulder holster

Shoes #2

Pozdrawiam :)

brown shoes

make sure to credit me in the desc if you use this

Flower Crown and Sleeve

I stole this from somewhere, but I wanted to alter it and didn't want to destroy it. Plus since...

Rose Crown

This is a modification

Pink Flower Crown


Flower Eye

Flower Ankle Bracelets

Galaxy Flower Crown

sorry, needed to fix something (not mine, just a part)

Long Live BR

Builders Refuge Symbol

strawberry pink shoes

feel free to use em, just credit me in the desc

Gray Hair Bow

Feel Free to Edit, Use, or Recreate. But if so, Credit Me. Uwu

Wrist Bandages

Credit to creator <3

orange flower crown

credit me

Flower Crown

Credits to AceOfCards for the original flower crown. I made it a bit lighter, moved the top to the f...

flower crown

not mine, credit to original owner


Flowers for Hair

Fennec Fox Ears And Tail

Here are my original fennec fox ears and tails. Please credit me if used

ankle bracelet + flower crown





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