Shoulder ammo pack

when an ammo bandoiler, chest ammo packs, and ammo packs on your kama arent enough, these are worn b...

Shoulder antenna

worn by clone officers and scouts to gain more communication range away from base, worn by clone sco...

single strap bandoiler

worn by clone heavy troopers and scouts

Right pauldron

pauldron worn on the right shoulder by clone officers and arc troopers

Range finder

helmet accessory worn by clone officers, scouts and arc troopers

Bandoiler (double strap)

double strap bandoiler worn by clone Heavy troopers

Bandoiler (double strap, alternate)

alternate bandoiler style worn by clone Heavy troopers

Corrupted Arm

Metallic-ish Arm


credit to creators of the parts of the skin.

Silver Crown Edit

huge cut


Beep beep boop. Beep bop boop beep?

Royal Cloak

Please do NOT repost, I posted this originally on PMC!

Blood mask

Credit to all owners!

[SAVE] Skin Base Dull Blue

credit: MyRageness


bandana and bracelet

Medic Stahlhelm (White)

pair with the medic armband and WW2 German medic gear to create a German sanitäter uniform.

Crusadors Helm

Not mine All credit to the guy who made this

Small chest armor

chest armor worn by clone officers

Pauldron armor

armor accessory worn by Clone officers before the upgrade to phase 2 armor, afterwards was rare to s...

Arc Chest armor

the chest armor seen on Arc troopers

Arc trooper gauntlets

the specialized gauntlets worn by Arc troopers


All caps when you spell the man name

Dwarven Beard and Gauntlets

Red Armor

Like plz



Air Netherite Armor

Spartan Armour overlay

"Maker" Exosuit

Description: (CLASSIFIED)

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