some alex


Alex skin with Steve model

New Alex

C'est Alex modernisée !

e girl alex

made by vadean

Alex Clothing

Better Alex

Now an alex that looks female. and nit ugly. but still close enough to vinilla that it may confuse p...

egirl alex

made by vadean

cat Alex

my little sis wanted a skin

Edited Alex


alex girl

Kawaii Alex

its Alex but more cute and kawaii

Giant Tiny Alex

Feel Free To Try Out My Skins!!!

Alex and Stive

not orginal


Alex Bar


ALEX noob skyn


Half and Half

Half Steve and Half Alex. Simple.


alex normal

Gwiezdna Alex


Alex's hair style and skin color with Steve's face and hair color. Clothes can alternate b...

alex contre le covid-19

après steve alex

Alex Papyrus


Like The alex skin to go with SAV Steve

Alex Games Inverted

herobrines wife [herobrine alex]

credit to original maker of the alex skin


Minecraft Alex 2

I've attempted to improve Minecraft alex, But its tough to improve a girl that's already p...

Private Alex

(Big Pixels) Alex

Big Pixel Alex

Alex avanced

I made a skin cuz, well, why not?

Alex But Better

The default skin Alex but improved

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