YammyXOX Christmas

i am making christmas skins for my favorite youtubers

Brown Hair

Me as a theif

Vanessa Divine"The Sakura Kingdom

This skin was made by me and me alone NOT ALOUD TO REPOST OR EDIT SORRY Also this is my YT Series

Flower Crown



Im improving

Candy Girl

Melanie Martinez Dollhouse

Credits to owner of the skirt i edited it but i edited the hair i made the eyes i made the shirt and...

Melanie Martinez Hair

Credits to @KristinMC

Nana Hair

i dont need to give credit since the account i took it from is my 2nd one

Me Christmas Time

My hair My Outfit and Credit To owner of skin color

Christmas Outfit

I looked up Aphmau for a reference of the outfit then copied but i did not take it off

GoldenGlare Christmas

I looked up her user and found this well i might take off parts of it like the shoes

Itsfunneh Christmas

i might take off parts of this but i looked up her name then boom

Blonde Hair

If you want to use it just credit me

Just for fun

I made this for fun. Credits to owners of parts

Me in My Christmas Pajamas

i edited my hair and my pants and i edited the original owner's shirt credit

Remake of Aaron Starlight

sorry i dont post that often



more dark rainbow backpack

credits to owner

My maid cafe outfit

credits to owner the only credit i should get is for the recolor

candy girl

Aphmau | Starlight base

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