Captain Rosa Thorne v6

Fixed lips

Captain Rosa Thorne v5

ReAdded Shoulder Pads, Edited Shoes, Changed a few misc. colors

Captain Rosa Thorne v4

Fixed Hair

Captain Rosa Thorne v3

Updated Pants, and Hands, Added Symbol on back and Belt

Average Skin

I hit random and it made this skin

Captain Rose Thorne v2

Changed the eyes, hair, and shoulders.

Cyborg Girl

Girl with a bionic hand and turquoise hair.

Captain Rosa Thorne

Made by BattleFalcon

Female Pirate v2.0

Changed the shoulder thingys

Female Pirate

A female pirate


Hair I took off one of my skins

Rebel Trans Girl v2

Rebel Trans Girl


My inner self


Now with brown hair!


Even Better!



Girl Skin

My first girl skin

New penquiney skin

Non 1.8

Modern Explorer (Pre 1.8)


Optimized from an old skin I that someone requested I make for the 1.8 format.

Modern Explorer

1.8 penquiney

I took my brother's skin and optimized it for the 1.8 format.

Atheist Boy

I made a skin to look similar to my IRL self, and added an atheism A on the back. I feel it represen...

Peter Capaldi

Made for Squawkers13


Made for Quillztoxic

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