Pastel Hair

Cute, Simple, Fast hair. No shading! Give credit if used!

Hershel Greene

Hershel, The Walking Dead!

EQG~ Pinkie Pie

This was Surprisingly fun to make. I might do more!

ʙᴇᴀᴄʜ ᴛᴀɴᴋ

Not sure if you can tell, but it's an ocean and then sand. I was bored, and just got this idea...

~* Cody Skin #2 *~

Just needed to save *~*

~* 🕶 Cody #1 🕶 *~

This one was supposed to be a summer/beachy one?

🕶 ~* Cody Base *~ 🕶

It's an inside joke, you wouldn't understand if I tried to explain. And no, his hair isn&#...

My WereSkin :: Winter

❄️🌲 My favorite season! ❄️🌲

🐾🐺 ~* Wolf Ears & Tail *~ 🐺🐾

🐾 Due to the unique style of tail I made, I want Credit when you use. 🐾

My WereSkin :: SwimWear

Modesty is the best policy. (─‿‿─)

My WereSkin :: ❤ Fancy ❤

I'm not sure why she's so fun to make ლ(>‿‿<ლ)

My WereSkin :: Movie Day

⎝ ゚ᗜ ゚⎠ I'm running out of ideas. ლ( ͠° ε °ლ)

My WereSkin :: Sleepwear (Fixed)

I saw a mistake in the last one, a big one (;-;) so I remade it. Also adding something to the shorts...

My WereSkin :: SleepWear

She's just so fun to make (づ■෴■ )づᕦ(⍜□⍜)ᕥ ヽ(⩾‿‿⩽)ノ

My WereSkin :: Casual

My shading has improved. (⌐■_■)

~* M y B a s e *~

** FIRST TO USE THIS TAIL STYLE ** I decided to make a werewolf skin for myself. = IF YOU USE, G...

My Skin (R e M a k e )


Summer Skin #2

Summer, amirite?

A skin for a friend

Credits- Hair & shirt. Great job!

Winter skin (Edit)

Just an edit of my previous skin.

Winter Skin

Wait, I said I was gonna make summer skins.. Oops.

Summer Skin

I'm most likely going to make a bunch of these.. My life isn't very eventful.

Vacation Skin

Tacky? Maybe. Fabulous? 100%.

Winter Skin #1

Credit to original owner for the legs, well done! Anyway, I know it's the beginning of summer,...

Casual Lady

Credits: Skin, Hair, and Boots & Pants.

Minecraft Lady

I was bored again. Credit to original owner for hair base.

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