CakeBoxGaming V2

My new skin :D

Toy Bonnie (fnaf<3tale)

Toy bonnie from fnaf<3tale. :D

JJ (Balloon Girl)

JJ from fnaf 2! :D

Lolbit (fnaf)

lolbit! :D

Toy Bubbles (fnam 2)

a toy version of bubbles from fnam! :D

Toy Melody (fnam 2)

the mascot of Meloddy's Pizza Partyfrom fnam 2! :D

Toy Cake (Fnam 2) finale design

the final design of toy cake! :D

Fire Melody (fnam)

the origional fnam (fan made fnaf) version of golden freddy. She still burns from the flames that d...

Alfie the rabbit (fnam)

fan made fnaf. can be used for roleplays. :D

Polly the parrot (fnam)

fan made fnaf. can be used for roleplays. :D

Wolfie the wolf (fnam)

fan made fnaf game. Can be used in roleplays. :D

Lulu (my cat)!!!!

A skin of Lulu my cat!!!! (;

Frisk (undertale)

I had a go at making frisk. :) frisk: -_-

Me in undertale (as frisk)!!!

Me in undertale as frisk! May make an undertale role play with my friends!! ;D

me!!! (CakeBoxGaming)

My skin!!!!XD

A new skin for bubblegum gaming!!!

This is a skin for one of my best friends bubblegum gaming!!!! XD

Toy Bubbles the tiger (fnam 2)

Toy version of bubbles the tiger from fnam but for fnam 2 (our version of fnaf 2).

Skye the cat version 2

The same skin just with a few tweaks. :D

Toy cake the cat (fnam 2)

2nd version (toy) for Skye the cat from fnam for fnam 2. Our version of fnaf 2.

Skye the cat (fnam)

My character that i made from me and my friends version of fnaf!!!

Mangle skin

I made this skin from scratch hope u guys like it. (;

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