Clark Zaneth

Ivan's younger brother.

Ivan Zaneth

a character I made up about 1 or 2 years ago.

Mysterion 2

Better skin.


"I can't die..."


Don't ask how it happened.

Evil Caster

Basically me but possessed by Axolotl (One of my previous skins)


My OC (Not to any Fandom). They are an Interdimensional being with God-like powers.

My First Skin

I have a world on my game where I built all my skins, and it turns out this was my first skin... Yea...

New Me

Been a While since I made a Skin eh?



sans the skeleton

do you wanna have a bad time?

Sound Wave Guy

Tord Larsson (in his suit thing)


I didn't put much effort into it but whatever

Tord (Blue) (The End Part 2)

I am still bored

Tord (Blue)

I was bored

Matt Hargreaves

Thomas Ridgewell

Edd Gould

1988 - 2012

The Hunter

Left 4 Dead

Tord Larsson (The End Part 2)

Tord Larsson

Dante Hoj

Paul Ter Voorde


aka Shadow Bonnie


a mixel I made human

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