[SAVE] Skin Base Dull Blue

credit: MyRageness

[SAVE] Skin Base Light Blue

credit to MyRageness

[SAVE] Outfit Striped Blue

creds: CocoSi

[SKIN] Coat


[SAVE] Shirt Sweater Lilac

[SAVE] Outfit Overalls BW Striped

[SAVE] Outfit Comfort Greyscale

[SAVE] Overalls Blue Torn

[SAVE] Overalls Black Torn

[SAVE] Shirt Sweatshirt White

[SAVE] Base Hair Pink

creds: luvmycakes

[SAVE] Base Ash Brown Hair

[SAVE] Palette Lavender

[SAVE] Palette Colorful

[SAVE] Skin Orange

[SAVE] Outfit Overalls Cute

[SAVE] Outfit Overalls Plaid Blue

[SAVE] Outfit Flowy Dress

[SAVE] Outfit Overalls BW

[SAVE] Outfit Overalls Orange

[SAVE] Skin Palette

[SAVE] Outfit Overalls Flower Crown

[SAVE] Outfit Overalls Checkered Brown

[SAVE] Dress Starry

[SAVE] Basea

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