DrWasp (Hippie)

Thats Like Your Opinion Man

DrWasp (Combat)

Ceramic Plates are Heavy

Drwasp (disco)

Polka Never Dies (Disco Did)

DrWasp (space)

One Small Step

DrWasp (Boiler Suit)

There is Your Problem Alternators Busted

DrWasp (Cowboy)

190 Proof 95 Horse Power

Drwasp (Tuxedo)

Here Comes The Bride

DrWasp (Dark Lord)

Skulls for The Skull Throne

DrWasp (Cultist)

One Must Stand Beneath Dusk

DrWasp (Warped)

Differently Sane

DrWasp (king)

Ready To Be Crowned

DrWasp (Formal)

As Long As I Got My Suit And Tie

DrWasp (Rave)

People Love Lazors

DrWasp (Whale)

Watch Them Fly

DrWasp (Summer)

Doc Holiday

DrWasp (Biker)

I Lost Some Cred When I Showed Up On That Old British Bike But I Gained So Much More When i Wrecked...

DrWasp (Quest)

We Seek The Magic Whale

DrWasp (War)

38 Take the shot

DrWasp (ninja)

I am the wind cutting yet unseen

DrWasp (undead)

i read a passage from this book i think it was some kind of prayer and i know i raised SOMETHING EVI...

DrWasp (x-mas)

Added festive cheer


My Skin

DrWasp (nude)

For editing and Procreation

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