Retired Night Guard

Golden Freddy

I wasnt the one who made this one. GoldenFreddy111 made this skin so i let him borrow my username....

DanTDM's brother

its been awhile to make other human skins including this one. I wonder why i created it but it could...

Toy Freddy

cool right

Normal Chica

freddys girl you no foxy the pirate have a sister name little foxy sister

Diamond Chica

amazing right

Officer Alex


diamond bonnie




Freddy Fazbear (Eyebrows added)

damn it

Freddy Fazbear (Fixed)

Looks the same but the first Freddy Fazbear has a backward body XD sorry for that but this one is no...

Freddy Fazbear

This is the first time that i made myself. I made an animatronic of me Freddy Fazbear.

Justin killer


Golden Foxy

Finally! I have been waiting for this for so long to get Golden Foxy existed! I even made Golden Bon...

Steve the Warrior

Steve is finally a warrior. All he needs is to craft a sword to kill animals and enemies to prove t...

Steve the Night Guard

When Steve found the Freddy Fazbear's Pizzaria Steve got his job as a night guard so watch for...

Freddy Mask (Improved)

Freddy Head/Mask


FNAF night guard


FNAF new night guard


FNAF Night Guard

his job is to be a night guard for 5 nights without getting stuffed into the suit

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