This was Baby in her teenage years. (If she's even that old lol)

Hair & Eyes


Springtrap (Updated)

Almost done! All I need to do is polish it up a bit!

Spider Girl

Omg the back is so professinal-ish

Slime Guy

I suck so badly

Slime Girl

I was in a rush...sooooo


I saw this girl on mineplex.

Cotton Candy


Me and my friend decided to work together and make a cute skin.

Grian Girl

I'm making a youtuber series, obviously. I figured out how to make 3-pixel arm skins, but I can...

I need to save this

I'm jsut doing something real quick with my skin, so I have to post this. I'll delete it l...


Untill I can change my skin, this will be up for a short while. It still needs to be worked on, thou...


I like Slamacow :) he's hawt.

President's Day

Tomorrow is President's Day in America.

Valintines Day

North Carolina Guy

In 1.8 + it's kinda cute if you turn off the hat in skin customization.

North Carolina Panthers Girl

Who are you going for in SuperBowl50? Tell me in the comments!

Denver Broncos Guy

P.s. the thing on his head is a helmet

Denver Broncos Girl

Who are you going for in Superbowl50? Tell me in the comments!

Silverfish (Guy)

He's not wearing any pants...

Silverfish (Girl)

Ghast (Guy)

Aww him and the Ghast (Girl) have matching shoes! <3

Ghast (Girl)

I think the only part of her with color are her shoes...which are orangeish-red, because she can sho...

GalacticMelonz !!!!!

Dish be my finishing skin!


Skin Base

I know it's just plain, but I don't have time to texture it.

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