Dill Pickle

This pickle has chosen a jar for his clothing.


A horrible, horrible transition from 2D to 3D, but that's mostly my fault. Please check out Ter...

Steve Holding Kirby

We have Steve here carrying the Nintendo's amazing Kirby character.

Controller Man

I got bored so I made a crappy skin.

High Contrast Alex

I took Alex, went to Filter settings, and slid the Hue all the way up.

Spring Ignoramus9

This is my personal spring-fitted skin.


I just wrote "Nintendo" on a skin and added a face. Nintendo is the superior gaming consol...

Black and White Steve

I took a painful hour and a half to recolor Steve like this. I used the Droplet tool on a color, sli...

Opposite Steve

Steve has a new look. I went to the Filter setting, slid the Hue all the way up and the Saturation a...

High Contrast Steve

I just took Steve, went to the Filter setting, and slid the Hue all the way up.

Half and Half

Half Steve and Half Alex. Simple.

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