The Reaper again


Gemsona again wow

Jae lol

Bikolite (Redesigned)

He was stuck underground and "fused" with natural crystals blablabla here.

Web of Darkness (Fixed?)

Here enters the ring, the one, the only, WEB OF DARKNESS with his hands made properly.

Web of Darkness (Wrestler Jono Design)

Here enters the ring, the one, the only, WEB OF DARKNESS!

Preview I guess?

Idk. You'll see what it is soon when I get the arms right.

[Splatoon 2 Squidsona/OC] Adam

I fee

GCProm Bikolite F

Bikolite (F)


GCProm Bikolite

Because server events I didn't hear of

GCProm Bikolite

[AXUS] Brendroid

A robot endoskeleton turned against it's creator, a once useful part of Axus. Such a terrible f...

Wallrider E-Type (Fixed?)

Wallrider (Ender-Colors)

Woomy (for a friend)

Endertrap Fixed

[FNAJ] Endertrap


Yay an OC based on a dream. Bla bla bla spiritual believer and supernaturalist bla bla bla.



Tony (NoOriginalNames)

Just did this for a friend.

[Tumblrground] Jonnoton EX (Updated)

Forever and ever.

[Axus]WallRider Ethan (No Labcoat)

[Axus] Ethan (Wallrider)

[Axus] Ethan (fixed)

[Axus] Ethan

The previous owner of Axus.

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