City Derp

City Derp with brown hair, blue sweatshirt, dark cyan pants, and black shoes.

new skin base

New Skin base

rip techno :(

so sad :(

Sweaty Purple Grape

koala, yummy, fruit, hoodie

Hedgehog Nub

A pajama nub holding his pet hedghog! Wearing fish Christmas sweater, nice simple blue pants, and ko...


It's on head you can put a derp or something holding it credit if you want like if hedgehogs ar...

King Noob v4

royal sponge noob king reigns the sponge nation

pumpkin hat

shaded pumpkin hat

Wombat warrior



Autumn Noob

Derp fall noob autumn leaves pumpkin puffy jacket pants cute small smol derpy nooby newb nuub nub

monster save

... I work on it later...

Derp with blue winter hat

Derp face, It's not where you think it is, but it's under the hat. Sorry I couldn't d...

Better Panda

Pajama noob redy to star the day

Want to go shopping with Pajama noob?

Outfit 2

Outfit with brighter t-shirt

City Poop

City poop is stinky but nice. He has no friens because of his scent. Be his first frien!

Puffy Blue T-shirt

Another one in different color :D

Blue puffy T-shirt

It's awesome. wear it


blue shirt blue pants brown shoes

Chainmail Hauberk

All credit goes to supa cool skin maker Mullraugh:

Renaissance Soldier Noob

(Original skin by Mullraugh) Renaissance Noob to fight the pros.



(Fixed)Chainmail Noob Soldier


City Noob

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