Cottagecore Em

em wip2

em wip2

em wip



Tedarus, Lord of Waxmane

(Edited the cloak to be less vibrant)

Tedarus, Lord of Waxmane

Tedarus, the Dawnwolf, Gallant of Varluna.

Tedarus, Lord of Waxmane (wip)

Locksmith Knight wip1


Cherry Wip

Verity (Casual) Wip3

Verity (Casual) Wip2

Verity (Casual) Wip

Black Robe Jacket

Fantasy Jacket

Verity, Knight of Avemera (v2)

Verity, Knight of Avemera (v1)

Verity v2

Verity wip

Emara, Queen of Avemera (v2)

gradient arms only

Emara, Queen of Avemera (v1)



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