some type of trooper?

made this while tripping, I have no idea why nor do I wanna know, have at it I guess

the Drip Trooper

Commander Thorn

updated my thorn skin, fixed the wing design on the helmet a bit, might update that later

Commander Fox (phase 2)

as much as i did not want to do this i updated my Phase 2 Cmdr. Fox skin

Commander Stinger

changed armor accessories and fixed some misclicked parts

ARC Trooper Echo

fixed a misclick on the left pauldron

Commander Thorner

Revised version of Commander Thorner of the 615th, by Thorunodo on Deviantart

Commander Doom

fixed everything, almost 100% better than the last version I made

Captain (commander) Rex

made kneecaps blue and emphasized helmet weld marks

21st Nova Corps armor

fixed a piece that was off

The Drip.

The Drip.

Commander Zieke

Commander of the 267th Assault Legion's Anuba Battalion, Zieke specialized in guerilla tactics.

Commander Bash

Commander of the 267th Assault Legion, good friends with Commander Stinger and Captain Slasher of th...

267th Assault Legion trooper

standard trooper of the 267th Legion, often worked closely with the 64th regiment like the 501st and...

Captain Splitter

Commanded the 82nd Airborne Company, known for his scalpel and hammer strategies.

82nd Airborne Company

nicknamed "The Screaming Eagles" this unit of clones specialized in boarding separatist cr...

Clone Phase 2 pilot base number 2

just a base for clone pilots, nothing to see here

Unidentified clone pilot

clone shuttle pilot killed over Ringo Vinda escorting Tup back to Kamino

Cline pilot Engle

survived a Y-wing crash into the hangar bay of The Negotiator, helped to safety by Obi-Wan before Ge...

Clone pilot Killer

Killer flew a Clone model Z-95 headhunter starfighter before being destroyed by droid fighters durin...

Clone pilot Goji

his entire character is a reference to Godzilla, from the armor design to the name. he awakened the...

Commander Zak (standard armor)

Commander Zak's standard Phase 2 armor for only moderately cold climates that the 44th Cold Ass...

Clone Scuba trooper

the armor of the clone scuba troopers seen in season 4 episodes 1-3 of the Clone Wars TV show

64th Regiment trooper

revised 64th trooper skin

Captain Scramble

one of the best code-breakers in the entire Republic, Scramble rarely participated on the front line...

New Clone Trooper?

new gray clone trooper unit announced in the Bad Batch show trailer, he looks AWESOME

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