Shoulder pads, visior, boots and a cape

I edited some armor to get this, then messed with the layers a bit because I like 3d stuff ;>



Dawn V2

With all the fixes wanted, this skin is for sure ready for RP! :D

Dawn Fortecue

This OC belongs to my friend, Jacky! This skin is for a RP! Credit to the owners, thanks to them for...

Rai - RP skin

This is my character Rai! Credit to the owners of all the stuff I had used!

Some hair

As the title says, I made just some hair. I was bored and felt lazy so I used a base. , ___,

Cotton Candy Girl

;> I was bored.

Cotton Candy Girl

I was bored, then though: "Let's make a skin! Like I have been doing for the past week!&qu...

Blue Rose - Alex model

I tried to upload this to the gallery. . . It didn't work. Now I can't remember who made w...

Some dude

My brother, JohnBelushi, wanted me to make him a skin, so I made this.

Blue Hoodie

Not my own, just added the symbol and some 2nd layer stuff. Putting this out here for people who wan...

Star Sweater

Ohhhh yes. SPICY MEME shirt. Put this on your skin, give the creator credit, then you got a SPICY ME...

Firey Female Hair

I will keep making these weird names. Lol. Make sure you credit me, 'n yeah. So uh, enjoy this...

Nature's Nutrience Hair

So I was making this hair for a skin, and I thought it'd just save time to have this up for peo...

Tree Trickster Hair

So I made d'is. . . 'n yeah. Credit me, if ya can. If you can't, I will ugly cry ...

Twilight Hunter Hair

With a vicious pair of eyes staring you down, purple hair blending into the dark tones of the night....


So yyyyeeeeaaaahh, I felt like making one of my OCs, so, uh, here she is! Feel free to use the skin...

Pink Long Hair - Orange Eyes - Earings

So I was bored, then this was made. So yeah, feel free to use this, just credit me C:

-= Gimic =-

Credit to all creators of pieces used (Thanks for putting it out there!) . This is another skin for...

Purple Hair: Bangs, Ponytail, Blue Eyes

Helloooooo! Please give credit to me if you use this! Warning: To try not to interfere with detailed...

"Miss Bets"

This is one of my OCs Danti and Zanti, whom share a body! ~=Credit to all the items I used to m...


Another skin for Jacky!

Don't mind this

My own skin for a RP

Credit to all the stuff used in this! Thank the stuff creators fro putting such things out!

For a RP

Credit to all the creators of these clothes and hair!

For Jacky #3

Go away

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