[OLD SKIN, credits to dress] So, I made a new account like Eloise24. (Yeah um we're friends) My...

Flower crown girl~!

[CREDITS | MADE BY, RANIAA |] <3 u can use but pls credit me tysm

Nya~ I am kawaii desu!

[CREDITS TO ORIGINAL OWNERS] [MADE BY; RANIAA] kawaii wolf girl x3 aww her pigtails are so cute thou...

I am fabulous ~<3

[CREDITS TO ORIGINAL OWNERS] [MADE BY; RANIAA] <3 fabulous tumblr girl hehe ^.^

Candy Girl ❤️

[MADE BY : RANIAA] Credits ❤️ [Hair made by me :) Outfit is not mine :P]

Royal Queen ❤️

[MADE BY : RANIAA] Credits ❤️ [Royal Queen ^w^]

Halloween Girl ❤️

[MADE BY : RANIAA] Credits ❤️

Harley Quinn ❤️

[MADE BY : RANIAA] Credits ❤️ [Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad ⚔]

❤️ Ayano Aishi as a child ^w^

[MADE BY : RANIAA] Credits ❤️ [Check out Yandere Simulator if you haven't! WARNING: Mature A...

Purple Haired Girl ❤️

[EDITED BY : RANIAA] Credits ❤️

Recoloured Kate ❤️


aweshum shades ;o


tryna shade like ;-;

Dress x3

Hair I edited x3

My Hair =3

Do not use/repost/edit without my permission thank you so much <3

<3 Hair

pls dont use/repost/edit without my permission ^-^ thanks

Cape x3

Hi guys.. sorry I haven't been posting for a while I just have been busy texting my friends xD...

Kawaii Japanese Candy Girl~

Give credits if used! :D Thank you, ~STAY TUNED FOR MORE SKINS~

Here chu go :c

Give credits if used! :) Thank you! ~STAY TUNED FOR MORE SKINS~

Outfit just for save~

DO not repost/edit/use without my permission :c pls ask me if u want to use

Blood =3

do not use/edit/repost without my permission thank you :)

Blood =3

no repost/use/edit without my permission thanks :3

For mah BFF Eloise =3

your welcome :3 only eloise can edit/repost/use it :c

Phillas Outfit :c

i think i got dah name wrong and shes from a sao game :c not mine

Outfit ♫ (/._.)/

credits? ;c

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