Escuela Amiga Sarah

SKool Matez Maddy




Red Bishop

Madara Uchiha

Im Batman


Devil Hunter D.T


Devil Hunter

cuz i wanted to

Uchiha Itachi

Red Knight

knight of the red pieces

Mr. E

I pity the kid who gets put on the naughty list.

Fire lord

a skin for his server thing my friends and i are doing dont concern yourselves

Jikan God

The one who gave power to the leader of the Jikan Gang to fulfill it's wishes. The almighty p...

Red Rook

Rook of the Red Pieces

Jikan Hacker

This is how the Jikan get their information through the tech expertise of this man

Shiny Lux. Jumpsuit

Red King

New set of skins the "Pieces" collection

Full Devil Trigger


Cadet Jason

This is TruMU will training to be the spaceman he is now

Jikan Adviser

Just decided to make this one umm its an original design

Jikan Assassin

The body i got from the armory so Props but the concept was mine like this one the most

Jikan Rogue

Semi-original design the base was some thing else but i changed it a lot not much to say on this o...

Jikan Hunter

Lots and Lots and Lots of Armory stuff all overlapping so major props to the people who made the t...

Jikan Assassin Unleashed

Same as the Jikan Assassin's Desc and same suit just different color scheme


This is a negative Version of deadlox

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