Bear Nether Warrior Princess 1244

:) I worked so hard XD

XD hahahaha

Basic Bear 1244

my bae made this 4 us! its our off outfits

Jungle Elf 1244

I spawned in a jungle, so I had to make a skin... :D

My New Base 1244


Basic 1244


Credit to owner

Celina <3

:3 CoconutCat2 :D

Bear's Spring?

Mk, so, I took the Easter skin from before and made it a spring skin because I really like this skin...

Emma Matteau <3

Credit to hair creator! Made Em <3

Marionette Skin <3 (Fnaf)

Credits to hair maker! Rest is original! From FNAF <3

Bear's Easter Outfit

I worked hard on this too XD

Bear in Cupcake Sweater

:D I'm really proud!


Hate going back to the beginning sometimes since Miners runs quite slow for me.

Cute Pink Cupcake Sweatshirt

I am just saving this, originally by Legyo, great job!

Bear's Base as Melanie Martinez

She's such an inspiration. <3 Seriously considering dying my hair like this ;3

Bear's ponytail base

I think its cyute!

Bear's Party dress

Credit to dress creator, for George's birthday

Bear's Mermaid Skin 1244

I needed to :)


Saving for future rp. Creds to creator!

Elliot, Finished!


Bear as a Pirate #1

Chloe is my sea mate <3

Pirate Shirt #2

:) I may spam :)

Pirate Shirt #1

Creds to sleeve person!

Bear as a bear 1244

Credits to xWaffles! :) go check her version and kawaiiChloe's Arctic fox <3

Bear as a Bear!

Credit it xWaffles! Go check her version out!

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