Mr Rubits Qube

He Is NOT A Rubix Cube!!!...

SkullCraftPlayz Rubix Cube

Can You Solve This Thing???????...

SkullCraftPlayz Portal Traveler

Dimensions, An Infinite Amount Of Possibilities That Have Yet To Be Unfolded...

SkullCraftPlayz Mushroom


Mushroom Outfit

My Brain Died When I Though Of This, Don't Judge :|

Illusion Blue

Does Your Eye Percieve This As Well As Others?

Illusion Red

Does Your Eye Percieve This As Well As Others?

Illusion Purple

Does Your Eye Percieve This As Well As Others?


One Of My Friends

SkullCraftPlayz Backrooms

Beware Of The...././.';';.,./';';;./,/,./.;;';';/././ CONNECTION LOST....

SkullCraftPlayz Vampire

The Moon Is Out, Time To Hunt...

SkullCraftPlayz Vampire Hunter

The Moon Is Red, And The Bats Are Out. The Immortal Duke Of Blood Is Awake...


Its Time To Farm Some Crops!

SkullCraftPlayz Halloween

It's Spooky Season Baby!!!!!!

SkullCraftPlayz Devil

The Evil Succumbs All, Unless There Is Light...

SkullCraftPlayz Masked

Don't Even Know What To Say Anymore...

SkullCraftPlayz V.3

Version 3, Don't Even Ask :/ ...

SkullCraftPlayz Tuff Golem

Will You Choose The Retribution Of The Copper Golem?

SkullCraftPlayz Sniffer

Will You Vote For The Prehistoric Mob?

SkullCraftPlayz God Mode

Behold, The POWER!!!!!

SkullCraftPlayz Casual

Time To Go Out And Touch Grass For The First Time In 3097786988676896768078576878095437682801208 Yea...

SkullCraftPlayz Murderer

I Am The True Murderer!

SkullCraftPlayz Glitch

I------Glitc-----Help Me!------Hel-------

SkullCraftPlayz Angel

Is There Such Thing As Pure Goodness In This World?

SkullCraftPlayz Petrified

Medusa Is A REALLYYY Ugly Person, Lemma Tell You That...

SkullCraftPlayz Galaxy

I Am One With The Universe...

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