Not Done

Do This Not That

Use this as a guide if you need to.

Do This, Not That Torso

It's pretty self explanitory.

Hair, Do This Not That

Hair, it's probably the hardest part of the body. I also included some bows. Some of you new pe...

Do This, Not This

The right side is the correct side, the left side is the wrong side. This can be a guide for beginne...

Aaron Burr 2nd

The mouth was messed up, even though I removed that part! OMG! Sometimes, this editor!

Aaron Burr

Are you Aaron Burr, sir? That depends, who's asking?


This is just a type of shading I'd like to see on my skins to see if I like it, which eh... I d...

Country Pastel Girl

Oh geez, trying to get shading on that shirt was hard! But I realize that I really don't need i...

Rainbow Girl

The back is a cape.

Rainbow Girl Arms

Rainbow Girl Head

I am making a rainbow girl and yes, the rainbow hoodie will be shaded. It's a sort of illusion,...

Forgot Her Gloves

If you went to the link from one of my status updates on this skin, you can see she has brown gloves...

Creeper Girl Complete

She's done and it looks better now, doesn't it?

Start Of Hoodie

Forgot her hoodie face

If you look up a picture of her, this will make more sense.

I Know It Looks Silly

This is just a start, and those are shorts, fyi. I'm creating the creeper girl from that one mo...

Ghost Girl Complete

she's finally ready!

Ghost Girl Upper Body

The Torso and arms are done, I consider them one so yeah. Here you go!

Ghost Girl Head

The head is done. I'll work on the arms next.

Annaliese303 Changed Accounts

This is the account I changed to. I am going to remake this skin. Stay tuned.

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