Moving Account to VikiLooloo (it might have numbers)

Candy Corn Girl (Fixed)

Cresit To RingwormSherm For the Base

Candy corn girl

Credit to Ringwormsherm for the base :3

Aqua girl

Credit to Minorgirl75, ringwormsherm and all the other people who helped

Luni MY 3RD SKIN!!!! :3

IF YOU DOWNLOAD IT OR USE IT GIVE ME C R E D I T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :3 Lol

Skin For RingWormSherm25

For RingwormSherm25 For making such good skins! :D

Luni My 1st Shaded Skin!!! :D

This is my #1 Skin ever IF YOU WEAR IT GIVE ME CREDIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

summer girl

Credit to all the people who made the hair, the shirt, the pants, and the base! - Faralina

purple dj girl (FIXED)



i didn't know what to name her if you want to download her say in the comments your gonna downl...


mewemwewmemwemwmemwemwmemwemwmemwemwmemwmemwemwmew (not my skin)

Water girl hair base..

Just A random hair base i made... O_o

Dj Girl

Credit to Popipo, Xtron and Me (popipo for the hair) (Xtron for the shirt) (me for the rest)

Cute Magenta Haired Girl



For Summer and ONLY me

Summer Fun!

\_/ < a cup of water for you. Don't Burn!

Summer girl

Cresit to MinorGirl75 for the blonde hair

Summer Girl (fixed one)

cute pink girl

Just a Random Skin... O_o

Pink Girl Hair Base

Just A Random Hair Base... O_o

Fixed) Evil Girl Hair



Just Random Hair i made... O_o

Blonde Creeper Girl Hair With Green Eyes

i felt like i needed Some creeper green... i can't shade sorry ._.

HighSchool Girl

Just Another Random Skin... O_o

Skin For Me Only

Do Not Use This Is MY Skin So do not do ANYTHING with it not even use it for your own skin Please!!

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